Our Research


We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to the discovery and exploration of new quantum states of matter in solid-state materials. We endeavour to develop innovative chemical methods to craft novel materials in our chemistry laboratory and employ a variety of characterisation tools to unravel their fascinating behaviour. We enjoy working closely with central facilities for neutron scattering and muon spectroscopy and other leading international research groups with whom we collaborate.

The study and exploitation of materials have had an enormous impact on our everyday lives. It is thanks to our fundamental understanding of the microscopic properties of materials that we can rely on a diverse range of modern technologies from smartphones to solar cells. An exciting direction in the field of materials research is the pursuit of quantum materials. These materials display highly unusual properties that push the limits of our understanding of the physical world around us. By revealing the exotic nature of quantum materials, we make crucial steps in our advancement of knowledge that may one day allow us to harness quantum materials properties for revolutionary – and even as of yet unimagined – new technologies. In particular, we are fascinated by the unconventional magnetic states of matter that emerge within low-dimensional and geometrically frustrated quantum magnets.